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Austin is the capital and the state of Texas’s fourth-largest city. Addiction is real, no matter if it is drugs or alcohol but addiction recovery is possible.  In 2018, drug overdoses took over 67,367 lives.  The city of Austin is within the range to receive drug shipments from their neighbors to the southThis only contributes to the growing problem of drug and alcohol addiction in the city of Austin and all over the US.  

Addicts may think there is not a way out, but there is, be the part of the number that has beaten the addiction. Help is only a phone call away, so do yourself or your loved one a favor and call 512-866-8123 to speak to someone that can help today! The road to recovery awaits you.

What is Addiction? 

Addiction is a miserable illness for those affected as well as their family and friends. You may think there is no hope, but there is. For over a decade, we have been helping people in the capital city of the “Lone Star State” beat their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

We offer hope for the hopeless and that hope is rehabilitation. This is done by helping an addict go to treatment and come to terms with their addiction. Thus, they consequently learn how to recognize and avoid social triggers that make them use drugs. 

As someone navigates through recovery, they will learn how to live successfully through lifelong sobriety. In addition, the treatment center in your area will assist with the physical, vocational, medical, social, and emotional needs of the addict. Our team works with treatment centers in Austin, TX, that can help with individualized treatment plans and offer a supportive setting for addicts in the recovery process. 

How to Start Addiction Recovery

Being labeled ‘an addict,’ is not something you want over your head. Having the weight and the fear of uncovering a drug dependency will more than likely result in rage, hostility, and animosity between friends and loved onesIn these circumstances, the detox treatment center will have a licensed therapist, or an intervention specialist on hand to mediate the intervention itself and drive the addict into treatment. Intervention is a vital first step and should have everybody involved and that includes an open floor that is non-threatening and supportive of getting an addict to enter rehab therapyAlong with interventions, detox is encouraged and followed by a rehabilitation program. It is imperative to distinguish that detox will not ‘cure’ an addict of their underlying issues with substance abuse. As a first step towards recovery, detox, or detoxification, can help the addict totally withdraw from what they are addicted to, with the assistance of detox medicine.  The best approach to detox is medically supervised which happens in a clinical facility. The addict’s withdrawal process is constantly controlled by a nurse or doctor for their own wellbeing.  

Addiction Recovery is Possible 

For treatment, there are two options, residential or outpatient programs. We work with addiction treatment centers that are healthy and adequate for all who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.  Treatment is an investment in yourself and worth every penny to enjoy a long and fulling life. These centers treat addictions such as alcohol, heroin, prescribed drugs, crystal meth, cocaine, hallucinogens, and marijuana. Our team of counselors will guide the addict to treatment centers in your area that offer rehabilitation that lead to a sober, happier life.

Our staff will map out the most beneficial path to recovery for each individual patient. What a patient can anticipate with a residential rehab program is around the clock care with the clinical staff with well-maintained accommodations. The drug and alcohol treatment center will address and help the patient explore real-world situations and problems as a recovering addict.  

Each addict’s treatment plan will be carefully crafted to fit their individualized needsWhat is also included is a group or one-on-one therapybehavioral modeling techniques, daily recovery support lessonsrecreational events, and daily trips to the gym.  If you or someone you love is in the Austin, TX area, and are in need of addiction recovery services such as detox, inpatient rehab, residential treatment, intensive outpatient) give us a call 512-866-8123 to speak with our team today!